Project Alpha

Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. and the March of Dimes Birth Defects Foundation began collaboratively implementing Project Alpha in 1980. This collaborative project is designed to provide education, motivation and skill-building on issues of responsibility, relationships, teen pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases for young males ages 12-15 years. Designed to provide young men with current and accurate information about teen pregnancy prevention, Project Alpha consists of a series of workshops and informational sessions conducted by Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity brothers.

Go-to-High-School, Go-to-College

The “Go-to-High-School, Go-to-College” program, established in 1922, concentrates on the importance of completing secondary and collegiate education as a road to advancement. Statistics prove the value of this extra impetus in making the difference in the success of young African-American men, given that school completion is the single best predictor of future economic success. Through the Go-to-High-School, Go-to-College educational initiative, young men receive information and learn strategies that facilitate success. Alpha men provide youth participants with excellent role models to emulate.

A Voteless People is a Hopeless People

“A Voteless People is a Hopeless People” was initiated as a National Program of Alpha during the 1930′s when many African-Americans had the right to vote but were prevented from voting because of poll taxes, threats of reprisal, and lack of education about the voting process. Voter education and registration has remained a dominant focus of this outreach activity for over 65 years. In the 1990′s, the focus shifted to include political awareness and empowerment, delivered prominently through town meetings and candidate forums.


Alpha Phi Alpha Awareness Seminar

June 2022 InformationalLearn about Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. and the Local Phoenix Alumni Chapter Delta Tau Lambda.
If you are interested in joining Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc., the Delta Tau Lambda (Phoenix Alumni) chapter, come to the Alpha Awareness Seminar in Tempe on June 9, 2022.
The informational seminar will be an opportunity for interested men to meet members of our Fraternity, learn about our Fraternity’s history, chapter initiatives and requirements for membership.
Attendees should hold a Bachelor’s degree (or higher) from an accredited institution.

2022 Fall HBCU Tour

We are extremely excited to bring you the 4th Annual HBCU Tour with this being the 3rd in person tour. We have seen this program grow exponentially & are excited to watch how this tour is transforming the lives of our young people as they have taken their academic journey’s to HBCUs.

Our 2022 Fall HBCU Tour will take us to the great states of Georgia & Florida as we’ll visit the following schools:

  • Florida A&M
  • Albany St.
  • Fort Valley St.
  • Morehouse (males)
  • Spelman (females)
  • Clark Atlanta
  • Morris Brown
  • Paine College

The Fall 2022 HBCU Payment Schedule is as follows:

  1. May 27 – $250
  2. June 15 – $250 (*$500 NON-REFUNDABLE*)
  3. July 15 – $250
  4. August 15 – $250

Please note, once payments are submitted to the tour company, we are unable to offer refunds.

Payment Options:

  • Check – Please reach out to HBCU Tour chair, Mr. George Charles III, to discuss check drop off/location
  • PayPal – ALL payments include a 3.5% processing fee
    1. May 27 – $250 + 3.5% = $258.75
    2. June 15 – $250 + 3.5% = $258.75
    3. July 15 – $250 + 3.5% = $258.75
    4. August 15 – $250 + 3.5% = $258.75]

Please be sure to include YOUR child(ren)’s first and last name, and the month of their payments so we can track whose payments have been received.


2022 Fall HBCU Tour Online Payment

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